Amy Voris is a dance artist, facilitator and somatic movement therapist based in Manchester, UK. She uses CAP in her facilitation work with others and in her creative practice.  Amy’s work is collaborative and process-oriented.  In this interview she describes the various ways in which CAP has played a role in her work.

Amy describes her interests with CAP as anarchic.  It enables her to ‘follow what’s rising’. Here, she outlines how she first became involved with CAP and how her ongoing uses of it have developed. She draws attention to the ways in which CAP nurtures the forming of articulation, situates creative influences and highlights the validity of practice and the practitioner’s perspective.  She states that CAP is a means by which she is able to open-up her practice, disseminate it and facilitate the creativity of others.

Amy acknowledges CAP as a way of bringing the body into academia.  She describes this as a ‘radical academic practice’ and identifies how CAP can be used as a framework within which to articulate individualised processes of practice-as-research.

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