BreathBone: Bone Week

This week we focus on ‘bone’.

Our sense of bones is explored through experiential attention to our skeleton.

Bones are living organisms that provide a framework for movement, protection and support. We tend to think of bones as hard and static, yet it is useful to remember that the bones that form the skeleton grow and change over time. Bones aren’t formed all at once, and in each of us, they form in specific, perhaps idiosyncratic ways. What arises from paying attention to bone as changing and as flexible?

We invite you to explore stories and experiences arising from bone for osteoarchaeologial study of our bones reveals how our health, lifestyle, diet, physique and mortality are all marked in these tissues; there are literally stories in our bones.

Should you wish to share your responses to any of these tasks we invite you to follow us and post on Instagram @ breath.bone


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