BreathBone: Breath Week

Our interest this week is on ‘breath’.

There is nothing more essential than breathing: take air in, let it out, repeat 25,000 times a day. Yet, the repeated ubiquity of breathing doesn’t mean that the breath always comes easily to us, nor is breathing something we often dwell upon.

Attending to the breath is central to many mindful practices and here we bring such awareness into our daily lives. The tasks we offer bring the process of breathing into focus as we invite you to steady, slow and really notice your breathing.  We encourage you to reflect on your breathing as a way through which you can change (if only for a moment) your way of being, helping you feel perhaps more grounded.

We also extend breath awareness into creative spaces. Using the breath, its movement in the body and connection to the world around us, as a place for imagination, a place from which sensations might be noted and stories found.

Should you wish to share your responses to any of these tasks we invite you to follow us and post on Instagram @ breath.bone

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