BreathBone: Sensing Week

This week we focus on sensing.

Sensing, making sense and being comfortable with nonsense! The word and meaning of sensing is various and many.

We often have a sense of something and in more biological terms the word is used to describe our seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Our senses. Our sense receptors, such as the retinas in your eyes and the cochlea in your ears connect us to the external world and help us to make sense of our environment.

Our body also has receptors for events occurring inside you, such as tension in your muscles, the clenching of your stomach, or the beating of your heart and many other movements that you’re completely unaware of. Awareness of these interoceptive senses helps us recognise emotions.

Our sensing then helps us orient ourselves in the world. And here use attending to the sensory to open to not-knowing and to playfully being with nonsense!

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