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BreathBone | PresentTense creates spaces of encounter to heighten inner awareness.

Working with Dance4, InDialogue, Middlesex University and Weld (Sweden), Vida and Jane will be developing a new performance practice and leading a series of workshops (July 2019-July 2020).

Quiet, reflective and immersive, BreathBone creates spaces of encounter for heightened inner awareness. Audiences are invited to enter an intimate performance duet where gesture, voice and sound generate an evocative and meditative experience.

This improvised ‘choreography’ of the felt sense brings us closer to what it is to be human, giving voice to interior spaces of flesh, the immediate present and the phantasmic, facilitating a mindful experience.


This encounter will also be developed through different iterations in which participants become performers, workshop events and conversations with the attendees as we ease into a reflective space for audiences to relate their own experiences with the intention of raising and deepening individual states of awareness.

Through the project we will also be gifting scores so participants might continue to practice.

The project will also lead to published reflections.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, Dance4 and Middlesex University. 


BOOK FOR BREATHBONE in NOTTDANCE, i4C4, Nottingham, SATURDAY 12th OCT, 12.00-2.00

BOOK FOR BREATHBONE at Weld. ‘talking and props’, Stockholm, Thursday 27th Feb, 7.00pm.

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