CAP Workshops

Jane and Vida continue to develop the Creative Articulation Process (CAP) and will be offering workshops and a catalyst training series for those that are using, or would like to use, CAP and are interested to deepen their understanding of the process.

Current Open Workshops

UniCamp (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 11th-15th Sept, 2019

Dance4 (Nottingham, UK) 30th Nov -1st Dec & 14th Dec -15th Dec, 2019

WELD (Stockholm, SE) 28th, 29th Feb & 1st March, 2020

The workshops introduce the practice and principles of the Creative Articulations Process (CAP). Shifting between moving and writing, we explore felt sense, somatic and languaging processes to enhance capacities to be fluent in and about dancing and dance making.

Supporting the deepening of practice, the workshop will elaborate the six facets of CAP – from opening to outwarding – and develop creative skills in awareness, tracking and writing, providing participants with the resources to use CAP in relation to their own work.

CAP has been developed by Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow over a period of some fifteen years in the Choreographic Lab and also prior to this as part of our teaching in Higher Education. We are committed to facilitating work that stays close to the body, and seek to bring to consciousness that which might otherwise be hidden or overlooked as physical, emotional, intuitive and perhaps even ineffable activities.

The workshop will be of interest to movement based practitioners that wish to deepen their work through processes of articulation and was developed as a method for undertaking Practice as Research. You may be a movement artist, dance maker, somatic practitioner, lecturer or artist-researcher.

Supported by Dance4 and Middlesex University



As we continue to develop CAP we are also hoping to gather some information about where and how the Creative Articulations Process has been, or is being, taken up. For example, have you referenced the work, used it with students, used it for your own creative process or engaged with the process in any other way? Perhaps you have incorporated the process into other things, or, perhaps you know other people who have engaged with the model? If so – please be in touch.


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