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Choreographic Practices was founded and edited by Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow (2010-2020). The journal operates from the principle that dance embodies ideas and can be productively enlivened when considered as a mode of critical and creative discourse. The journal provides a platform for sharing choreographic practices, critical inquiry and debate.

Placing an emphasis on processes and practices over products, this journal seeks to engender dynamic relationships between theory and practice, choreographer and scholar, so that these distinctions may be shifted and traversed.

Choreographic Practices aims to encompass a wide range of methodologies and critical perspectives such that interdisciplinary processes in performance can be understood as they intersect with other territories in the arts and beyond (for example, cultural studies, psychology, phenomenology, geography, philosophy and economics). In this way, the journal seeks to open up the nature and scope of dance practice as research and draw together diverse bodies of knowledge and ways of knowing to illuminate an emerging and vibrant research area.

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Issues & Publications

  • Articles by Cleo Mees, Andrew Wass, Louis Laberge-Cote, Shantel Ehrenberg, Suzanne Liska, Lucinda Coleman, Jen Urso & Eileen Standley, Natalie Garrett Brown

  • DANCING URBANISM SPECIAL ISSUE. Guest Edited by Victoria Hunter, Melanie Kloetzel & Karen Barbour. Articles by Meanie Kloetzel; Lesley Satin; Alessandro Carboni; Vanessa Grasse; Beth Cassani; Kate Lawrence; Karen Barbour; Victoria Hunter; Beatrice Jarvis.

  • Articles by Jess Allen, Leonie Persyn, Sara Giddens et al, Lucia Rainer, Hetty Blades, Kaustavi Sarkar

  • PERFORMING ECOLOGIES IN A WORLD IN CRISIS SPECIAL ISSUE. Guest Edited by Sondra Fraleigh & Robert Bingham. Articles by Matthew Nelson; Denise Kenney & Nancy Holmes; Rosemary Candelario; Chelsea Adewunmi; Jill Sigman; Sandra Reeve; Christine Bellerose; Andrea Olsen; Pamela Burnard, Peter J. Cook, Susanne Jasilek, Birgitte Bauer-Nilsen; Ali East; Merián Soto

  • Articles by Christopher Rasheem-McMillan; Henrietta Bannerman; Sherril Dodds; Chaire Hicks with Neil Callaghan, Maria Hassabi, Simon Kenyon & Hesther Forknell; Brittany Laidlaw & Tanja Beer; Carolien Hermans; Jane Carr & Brue Sharp; ADA Collective

  • WORDS AND DANCE SPECIAL ISSUE. Guest Edited by Robert Vesty. Articles by Scott Thurston & Sarie Mairs Slee; Alys Longley; Hilary Elliott; Elise Nuding; Stephan Jurgens; Daniela Perazzo Domm; Robert Vesty with Maria Andrews, Antonio de le Fe, Julyen Hamilton, Billie Hanne & Tomas di Giovanni

  • Articles by Elaine O'Sullivan & Jane Bacon (editorial), Mary Richards, Jo Pollitt, Emma Meehan, Hannah Schwadron, Gemma Connell, Imogene Newland and Paula Guzzanti, Victoria Gray, Antjie Hilderbrant, Megan Nicely, Becca Wood

  • QUESTIONING THE CONTEMPORARY SPECIAL ISSUE. Guest Edited by Beth Cassani & Laura Griffiths. Articles by Rosemary Butcher & Claire Hicks; Sally Doughty & Marie Fitzpatrick; Rachel Krische; Simon Ellis; Antje Hilderbrant; Rosanna Irvine; Lisa Kendall; Emilyn Claid

  • ARTSCROSS/DANCROSS: TRANSCULTURAL DIALOGUES SPECIAL ISSUE. Guest Edited by Christopher Bannerman. Articles by Xu Rui, Guo Lei, Chen Ya-Ping, Martin Welton, Lin Yatin, Rachel Lopez De La Nieta, Wang Yungyu, Stefanie Sachsenmaier, Wu Yi-San, Wang Xin, Rebecca Loukes. FREE Download available in Chinese:

  • DIS/ABILITIES: THE POLITICS OF THE PREFIX SPECIAL ISSUE. Guest edited by Ann Cooper Albright and Gabriele Brandstetter. Articles by Ana Carolina BezerraTeixeira, Meghan Durham-Wall, Petra Kuppers, Sarah Whatley, Charlotte Waelde, Abbe Brown & Shawn Harmon, Nanaako Nakajima, Gerard Samuel, Tone Pernville Ostern & Ellen Oyen

  • Articles by Sondra Fraleigh, Elise Nuding, Michael Morris, Lionel Popkin, Brownwyn Preece, Antje Hilderbrandt, Hetty Blades, Noyale Colin, Jo Breslin, Jill Cowley & Sally Doughty

  • ARTICULATIONS EDITORS SPECIAL CURATED ISSUE. Articles by Vida Midgelow & Bacon Bacon, Liz Lerman, Lawrence Halprin, Josiah Hinks, Efva Lilja, Deborah Hay, Norah Zungia Shaw, Sarah Whatley

  • Articles by Imogene Newland; Allison Peacock; Nik Wakefield; Danae Theodoridou; Kelly Klein; Sally Gardner; Daniel Meyer-Dinkgraffe.

  • Articles by Amanda E. Hamp; Adam Benjamin; Marissa Zanotti; Lesley Main; Broderick D. V. Chow; and Francis Yeoh.

  • Articles by Jonathan Burrows and Adrian Heathfield; Chrissie Harrington and Aparna Sharma; Victoria Gray; Anna Macdonald; Stuart Grant; Stefanie Sachsenmaier; and Simon Ellis.

  • Articles by Kélina Gotman; Tamara Ashley; Julie Brixey-Williams and Libby Worth; Chris Crickmay and Ellen Kilsgaard; Daniela Perazzo Domm; and Eirini Kartsaki.

  • Articles by Vida L Midgelow; Kent De Spain; Yvon Bonenfant; Rachel Sweeney; Peter Sparling; and Efrosini Protopapa.

  • Articles by Niki Pollard and Rosemary Lee; Sarah Rubidge; Simon Ellis, Colin Poole and Elizabeth Boyce; Petra Kuppers; and Fiona Bannon.

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