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Case studies from Creative Articulations Process.

Adriana Gabriela Santos Teixeira

Adriana Gabriela Santos Teixeira is a performer and is studying for a PhD at Unicamp, Brazil.  Her areas of interest include studies of ritual and scenic performance, at an interface with feminist, black, decolonial and [...]

Cheryl LaFrance

Cheryl is based in Canada. She has taught academic writing in education for over twenty years and now presents her dancing/writing methods to dance students and [...]

Evelin Keller

Evelin lives in Hong Kong and teaches ballet, creative dance and school workshops (primary and secondary). She makes work for her dance company Motive for Motion and has [...]

Marguerite Galizia

Marguerite is a UK based choreographer and PhD candidate at DeMontfort University. Her work uses technology in developing materials and explores the solo as a means of practice. How do you use CAP? [...]

Micia De Wet

Micia is South African. Currently she is researching the development of intuition as an embodied process for actors. Her practice explores the themes of identity and the construction of relationships and human behaviour. [...]

Dwayne Antony

Dwayne Antony is a Nottingham based dance artist and in this interview he discusses his introduction to CAP through workshops held at Dance4. These workshops came at a time when he was making [...]

Usha Mahenthiralingam

Usha is an interdisciplinary artist working across health, ecology and education using visual arts, movement, film and creative mentoring practices. Based in Nottingham and coming from a textiles background, she uses CAP as [...]

Dani Abulhawa

Dani is an artist and academic interested in site-based forms of creative enquiry. Her practice is influenced by the tricks (movement phrases) and lines (sequences) of skateboarding. A persistent theme in Dani's work explores her [...]

Amy Voris

Amy Voris is a dance artist, facilitator and somatic movement therapist based in Manchester, UK. She uses CAP in her facilitation work with others and in her creative practice.  Amy’s work [...]

Norah Zuniga-Shaw

Norah is an artist, performer, pedagogue and creative director. She teaches interdisciplinary research, improvisation and intermedia as director of dance and technology at the Ohio State University. Norah uses CAP in her [...]

Kaustavi Sarkar

Kaustavi Sarkar, studied at Ohio State University and is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Dance at UNC Charlotte. She is an Indian dance-scholar and dance-artist presenting her scholarly and [...]

Gabriela Gonzalez

Gabriela is a researcher based at Universidad Nacional del Centro de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Tandil, Argentina, Departamento de Teatro. She studied theatre, somatics and Laban Movement analysis in the UK and in [...]

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