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Creative Articulations Process: Catalyst Training Series

Nov 2019- May 2020

Location: Nottingham, Northampton and Online

The catalyst training series is a shared training /research space for those that wish to deepen their knowledge of the Creative Articulation Process and work toward the facilitation of CAP. It includes attending a workshop at Dance4 Nottingham (UK), 30th Nov -1st Dec & 14th Dec -15th Dec, 2019, small group research gatherings, shared readings, monthly skypes, online exchanges and one-to-one mentoring between Nov 2019- May 2020.

The series is for experienced dance (research) artists and/or facilitators and includes a commitment to the use of CAP in their own practice and (if suitable) the facilitation of CAP with individuals or groups.

A small number of bursaries were offered, funded by Middlesex University  (note – these are now all allocated).


We are pleased to announce the group of selected artists:

Kerstin Wellhofer

Danielle Abulhawa

Fae Ford

Emilia Robinson

Bryony Onions

Amy Voris

Usha Mahenthiralingam

Evangelia Kolyra



If you wish to be considered as a member of other catalyst training groups please email:

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