Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon invite you to join monthly online classes in which to experience and practice the Creative Articulations Process (CAP). These sessions will focus upon the CAP ‘Ground Form’, inviting you into journeys of discovery within a containing framework. Somatic in nature and improvisational in approach, the ground form is suitable for anyone regardless of experience.  Supporting the deepening of creative practice, the classes will elaborate the six facets of CAP – from opening to outwarding –  developing your creative skills in attending, tracking and writing.

Passing through its simple and clear structure the Ground Form encourages different attentional and energetic qualities  –  inviting us to notice and explore that which is arising as we shift between moving and writing. It might be that materials,  ideas or questions emerge, as we open ourselves gently and with curiosity to emerging possibilities, provide participants with the resources to use CAP in relation to their own work.

CAP has been developed by Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow over a period of some twenty years in the Choreographic Lab and also prior to this as part of our teaching in Higher Education. We are committed to facilitating work that stays close to the body, and seek to bring to consciousness that which might otherwise be hidden or overlooked as physical, emotional, intuitive and perhaps even ineffable activities.

The online classes will be of interest to movement-based practitioners that wish to deepen their work through processes of articulation and was developed as a method for undertaking Practice as Research. You may be a somatic practitioner,  artist-researcher, performance maker or someone with a spiritual or psychological background with an interest in working creatively with and from our bodies. No prior experience of CAP is needed.


What will I need?

Access to zoom and a stable internet connection

Space in which to move

A mixed selection of paper, pens and pencils


How do I book?

Send an email to:

-Tell us something about yourself and your interest in CAP.

-Tell us if you want to book for all six sessions (Feb 7th-July 11th 2022) or particular dates.

On receipt of your email, we will send you a Zoom link and instructions on how to pay for the classes.


When and what investment do I need to make?

Dates -Mondays 7th Feb, 7th March, 11th April, 9th May, 6th June, 11th July

Time -6.00-7.30pm (UK TIME)


£64 for a block of 6 classes OR £12 per drop-in session


Pay what you can if your current circumstance prevents you paying the full amount

Payments made via bank transfer


What happens if I can’t attend?

If you have booked but aren’t able to attend just let us know and we can either send you the class recording to do in your own time or transfer your booking to a different date.

Contact us:

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