Dani Abulhawa

Dani is an artist and academic interested in site-based forms of creative enquiry. Her practice is influenced by the tricks (movement phrases) and lines (sequences) of skateboarding. A persistent theme in Dani’s work explores her connection to Palestine-Israel. She is currently involved in developing a project entitled ‘Concord’, which explores the symbolic and embodied imprints of walls, checkpoints and borders upon bodies and communities. 

For Dani, CAP facilitates a way to understand her own creative practice and to enrich her teaching and facilitation. For example, CAP has been useful as a framework for developing creative approaches to skateboarding and the enhancement of ‘tricks’. In working with others she has been using CAP to develop a creative training in skateboarding. 

In this interview, Dani describes how she uses the ‘ground form’ of CAP as a means to go deeper with creative stimuli. It is a way to open up an intention by keeping on working with what you have. She aligns CAP with a truism of Skateboarding that you should ‘skate what you’ve got, not what you want’. Similarly CAP, as Dani has experienced it, enables an acceptance of, and authentic connecting to, that which is happening. She describes how CAP can invigorate the possibilities of what you can do with what you have. 

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