Dwayne Antony

Dwayne Antony is a Nottingham based dance artist and in this interview he discusses his introduction to CAP through workshops held at Dance4. These workshops came at a time when he was making a shift from assisting the producing of the Nottdance 2019 Festival to his new role as Coordinator of The Centre for Advanced Training. He explains how these two experiences came together and the ways he utilised experiences of his own ‘discomfort’ to enable the young people he works with to ‘make sense’ of the impacts of Covid19.

Dwayne also shares with us how CAP has aligned with his experiences of ‘talking therapies’ so that he is able to reflect on the ways in which CAP urges us to slow the pace of creating and to let that which emerges be enough. Dwayne’s work as a dance maker has often been durational and here he describes how CAP can be used as a tool to make something new. 

In 2018, Dwayne choreographed and performed  Machine Learning 

And for more thoughts from Dwayne explore his blog here: http://studiofiftyfive.blogspot.com/

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