Home and Home (a replacing) are two interrelated works that explore the body, screen, audience interaction.

Quiet and spacious, the video images are constructed using a very limited pallet of material both visually and sonically. The images emphasise processes of breathing and resting, waiting and weight, alongside other, more emergent and fleeting images. The soundscape explores the inner, intimate sonic life of the body as home through electroacoustically transformed binaural recordings captured from head recordings. All the composed sound material that is heard in the piece was originally either of the dancers breathing or the extraneous sounds of their movement as they work in the space. Together the image/sound-scape seeks to bring us closer to the body.

Home (Middlesex University, 2013)

Vida Midgelow (concept and movement)
Tom Williams (composer)
Nic Sandiand (Isadora design)
Matthew Gough (dancer and collaborator)
Tim Halliday (camera, editing and technical)

‘Home’ is an immersive audio/visual environment. Through the creation of an intimate sound/space an audience-participant is invited come closer to the body as home. Entering a state of restful-haptic-sensorium, the shifts in weight of the audience-participant generate changing relationships to the dancers image on the surrounding screen. Through an immersive experience, listening and observing become visceral and tactile, expanding the multi-sensory, reciprocal interaction between participant and the mediatised sounds and images.

Home (a replacing)

Evolving from the more enclosed environment of Home, Home (a replacing) re-figured the video footage in a new context – namely a large scale ‘corridor’ set up in which the audience sat between two screens across which the two dancers passed (Coventry University 2015).

The version above is yet another iteration in which the footage is cut into a single screen video work.

The sound score was also developed by Tom Williams becoming, Home (Breadth Replaced). (http://tw-hear.com/performances)


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