Kerryn Wise

Kerryn’s practise operates in the relationship between the live and filmed body through choreography and movement. Her work explores the boundaries of reality in an increasingly mediatised society by using video projection technology alongside the live body.


In the Choreographic Lab ‘Articulating Dance Project’ Kerryn took the opportunity to explore her processes of making work and to witness, find and enjoy other artists processes and tools. Specifically Kerryn set herself ‘making challenges’ in relation to her own practice, exploring the making of dances with and without video technologies.

Video: Pendulum (still extracts)

Kerryn writes:

I am excited by technology and the visual; the seduction of the screen image, the uniqueness of the light of the projection and its effect on a space, and how this light can be manipulated in relation to the body. What I am noticing is that as my focus is consumed by the technology I often miss the fundamental element that is the body, the dancer, the skin and flesh – the articulation of something through a non-verbal language. I can become so wrapped up in the possibilities of re-shaping space and reality through projection, the moving body becomes secondary and often overlooked. I feel that this balance needs to change.

I wanted to challenge myself to create something that strips away the camera, lights and projector to see what I am left with. Is there a way to articulate what I want to say with the body alone? Can I create movement that relates to the haptic sense for both the dancers and audience? This is something I have never attempted to do without a video camera and evokes feelings of both fear and excitement.

Kerryn Wise is a dancer and choreographer based in the East Midlands, UK. She trained in contemporary dance and film at Nottingham Trent University and went on to be awarded a 3 year artist fellowship with Future Factory based at the University. Her work has been performed both nationally and internationally. She has been inspired by aerial dance and has worked on devising a piece that mixes aerial (specifically bungee), contemporary dance and video projection.


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