Micia De Wet

Micia is South African. Currently she is researching the development of intuition as an embodied process for actors. Her practice explores the themes of identity and the construction of relationships and human behaviour.

How has CAP changed your practice?

CAP reflects the way I work intuitively. It has unveiled the many things that I already do but did not understand why I was doing them.

Rather than making work from a plan, CAP is a lived process that allows me to explore so that I can articulate the practice as it unfolds. It allows for an unleashing of intuition.

What benefit does this have?

It provides a framework and allows things to arise naturally. Thinking about the embodied knowledge of the performer you do not need to use specific techniques to be open and arrive. You can come to different sorts of embodied experiences by thinking about what your body needs right now. It affords different awakenings in the space and each body can articulate its own process.

CAP helps me to find a process of articulation that makes the practice relevant within the framework of what I’m doing.

How has CAP changed your approach to practice?

I worry less about imposing my will as a director or teacher and needing to get that ‘right’. CAP has allowed me to recognise that it is OK to arrive with what you have and work from that point. There’s no ‘wrong’ way to start. This is very freeing.

It allows me to think through and find the frameworks of the concepts I am using such as intuition and imagination that are lived and interconnected. And this allows me to motivate different techniques in practice.

What have you learned through CAP?

Your interior dialogue frames so much of your experience of something and that puts you into a cognitive and embodied attitude of what to expect and what is disallowed. It is not only the internal dialogue that I use with myself, as a practitioner, coming into the space, it’s also the language I utilise with participants in the role of facilitator/educator.

Through CAP there’s a permission to live your process as it’s unfolding and to allow that to manifest. Previously making work was such a goal driven experience. 

CAP has allowed me/ given permission to have patience for the process to unfold. Therefore, the unexpected can arise and contribute something valid. It’s exciting to be less tied to a plan. It’s about allowing things to surface through processes of starting where you are and trying out things. CAP gives you the map that allows these things to come about. It is a ‘road map’ up the mountain.

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