Norah Zuniga-Shaw

Norah is an artist, performer, pedagogue and creative director. She teaches interdisciplinary research, improvisation and intermedia as director of dance and technology at the Ohio State University. Norah uses CAP in her collaborative art work, in facilitation with her students and as part of her approach to the presentation of research.

In this interview, Norah articulates her engagement with sensation, embodied intelligence and knowledge that is manifest in multiple ways. Through the queering of boundaries, she suggests, categories can be global and remain not fixed.

Norah discusses the radically permissive space that CAP can open up in the research/rehearsal process. She brings insight to the ways in which she facilitates the work of students through CAP by listening and moving from their own desire. This requires dealing with the genuinely unknown such that this not-knowingness is ‘a soft brave space’.

Reflecting on the invitation to feeling at the heart of this work, Norah discusses that there is a very intentional power shift that can happen. This is also a ‘pleasure move’ and can be spiritually driven.

The language and codified method of CAP provides a frame that inquiring artists can use. Norah advocates CAP for those who are deeply steeped in their ways of making and doing so that they might stay with the questions for longer.

For more information about Norah’s work visit her website.

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