Researching (in/as) Motion – a new resource for research artists in dance and choreography

Co-edited by Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, with Paula Kramer and Rebecca Hilton (Artistic Doctorates in Europe), this open access collection centres on research methods and procedures for movement based artistic research in philosophical, practical and creative terms. The collection emerged in tandem with two, week-long, research intensives for doctoral candidates curated by Jane Bacon (University of Chichester) and Rebecca Hilton (UniArts Stockholm)(see:

Open Access Collection

Researching (in/as) Motion

The diverse materials you will find here, each in different ways, consider how to work effectively with tacit knowings, attend to the vagaries of the situation and acknowledge the centrality (but not unproblematic nature) of first person, ‘expert practitioner’, research. Working from the premise that the artistic researcher in dance and performance uses aesthetic, embodied, material and language based ways of knowing, the collection sits at the interface of choreographic and somatic processes when immersed with reflective/conceptual/philosophical thinking, supporting the researcher through what are often uncharted, emergent processes that entail getting lost, being vulnerable and taking risks to develop new understandings and new practices.


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