Sara Giddens

Sara’s project Encountering & transforming materials & processes was an opportunity for time and space in an engaging and challenging environment to focus on the practice of making, re-making and reflection. Specifically, through making a new work and new dances for Secrecy of Saints and Model Love but particularly through reflection upon the processes and concerns of Who By Fire and the development and presentation of the DVD-video Triptych: Who By Fire. 

Video: Who by Fire (Summer Garden Extract)

Members of the lab (including Sara herself) responded to ‘Triptych’ verbally using Focusing and through performative writing tasks. Some of this writing is as follows:

White steps fade, summer – sand.
Looking out over water – blue sky, a child plays
Gentle tussle with life, birth
(Vida Midgelow)

a body dragging
sunk – swallowed by the vastness
let the breath go out
(Kerryn Wise)

Feet walk slowly through:
Snow. Grass. Water. Sand. Inside. Out…
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
(Robert Daniels)


Sara Giddens is a teacher, lecturer, facilitator, project manager, director and a choreographer who focuses on the body, as a live physical presence, and the body in its (inter) relationship to site, text, sound and image. Using interdisciplinary approaches and working independently and collaboratively with other artists and creative practitioners (particularly writers, sonic artists, gardeners, architects, video and new media makers) her extensive national and international work to date transgresses traditional forms of representation and explores the interactive possibilities for word, gesture, speech, movement, sound and vision with a sensitivity towards site and audience always at the heart of the work. Sara is co-director of performance company Bodies in Flight.


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