Scratch | A Choreographic Conversation

A circle of chairs in a pool of light, 2 women seated, in front of them two microphones. The audience enter the circle and sit, the lights dim, the silence opens and deepens until one woman begins to speak. She searches for words to name her experience of this present moment. After a time, the other woman also speaks. She too is naming her felt experience of the present moment. As the women slowly come into language a conversational choreography is revealed. The women appear to call and respond to one another, to an internal other, to the space, the others in the space. And yet the conversation is as fluid as it is stuttering.

Following an improvisational score, Vida and Jane unfold a personal and discursive duet that focuses on how to language our present moment embodied experiences using the felt sense as well as an embodied understanding of choreography. This intimate piece invites the audience into a shared experience to consider and re-consider how we talk about embodied experience, the relational space between performers and between audience and performer. This is ultimately about how to articulate, what it is to be human, how we are both alone and together.

This piece is part of a larger research project hosted by the Choreographic Lab which focuses on the articulation of creative process. Previous research iterations have included ‘Creative Articulations Process’ (2014), Choreographic Practices journal and skript a micro installation for two which focused on the articulation of the choreographic in a shared writing experience.

First Presented as part of InDialogue at Nottingham Contemporary
Performance Evening curated in partnership with Dance4
Thursday 1 December 2016


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