Sceenbody triptych
Vida L Midgelow

This triptych reflects my recurring interests in the dancers body, nakedness and the erotic alongside the discourses of absence and presence. Developed through a heightened awareness of the relationships between (my) body and the camera, and (my) body and screen, the series seeks to bring the viewers attention to the processes of (re)presentation and the intersection of loss and desire. Located ‘inbetween’, the screenbody slips and fragments as it traverses visual and haptic modes of viewing.

Camera: Jane Bacon
Post video production: Tim Halliday

(a) Screenbody 1
Duration c.12 mins looped (large projected image)

(b) Screenbody 2
A series of digital stills in five small frames

(c) Screenbody 3
Duration c.2mins looped (small projected image)
This work is viewed on the skin and viewers are invited to place their hand approx 15cm in front of the projector lens until the image is ‘held’ in the palm.


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