BreathBone: Being Week

Our interest this week is on ‘being’.

We have developed tasks to focus on our being, the very nature or essence of ourselves. In order to notice ourselves ‘being’ in the world it is perhaps easiest to begin with a feeling of doing something or activity. Once we become aware of doing something we can begin to explore NOT doing, simply doing less or using less energy. Notice more and less, fast and slow, big and small, etc. We invite you to take time to notice how much energy an action takes to complete. There is no judgement only curiosity in ourselves.

Perhaps notice if there are times of not doing, just being with an awareness of ourselves in this moment. We might just think of this as our aliveness. To be alive is to move, think, dream, breathe. To be alive is to hear your heartbeat, to feel the pulse of blood as it courses through your veins, to hear and feel your stomach rumbling, your muscles tense and release. In all of these allow yourself to suspend judgement, just notice and be curious. In these spaces of curiosity, our creative self begins to appear.

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