Space Making | Facilitation

Space Making | Facilitation2023-11-30T13:56:17+00:00

supporting creativity, generating experiences, facilitating reflection 

artists – researchers – publics

Making spaces for engagement in practice and research inquiry, the choreographic lab are committed to the development of deep investigation, articulation and the creation of challenging multimodal practices.

Designing bespoke frameworks and spaces for exploration, the lab provides workshops, research intensives, mentoring and dramaturgical support for groups and individuals.

Our work encompasses somatic, improvised, felt sense and therapeutic approaches that are akin to teaching, mentoring and research supervision, as well as performative approaches for enquiry such as ‘salon’ structures, collaborative engagements, improvised scores and creative performance events for sharing and investigation.

Our work encompasses long term, durational and fleeting encounters for artists, researchers and publics.

Contact us at choreographiclab22@gmail.com

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