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The delightful, yet difficult, relationship between dance and words has formed a central line of inquiry for much (if not all) of the Labs work. We have explored this territory deeply – developing ways in which we can find words that resonate with, and in turn enrich, bodily experience.  We have developed performative environments, workshops and extended strategies through which we invite a closeness to the bodily experience – whether we are dancing, writing or speaking.

‘SKRIPT’ is a micro-installation, in which we invited artists and members of the public  to sit and write with us: to sit in silence and write from the here and now, from what is present in the body.  This work is accompanied by a blog ‘Writing-Dancingand reflective article ‘Closer to the body: reflections on Skript’.

The performance duet and performance scores,BreathBone | PresentTense’, use related languaging processes – this time using in-the-moment spoken form  – as we make ourselves fully available to the felt sense and to dreamstates as the basis for a meditative performance.

Reflections on Making BreathBone: In residence at Dance4/I4C4

Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, co-directors of Choreographic Lab, spent a good amount of the summer and early autumn of 2019 in residence at Dance4 developing the performance practice BreathBone  - the first half of [...]

BreathBone | PresentTense

  BreathBone | PresentTense creates spaces of encounter to heighten inner awareness. Working with Dance4, InDialogue, Middlesex University and Weld (Sweden), Vida and Jane will be developing a new performance practice and leading a series [...]

In the Aftermath of Writing | Public Talks

In the aftermath of writing | Public Talk Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Prof Jane Bacon and Prof Vida L Midgelow, Directors of the Choreographic Lab, invite you to consider the processes of coming [...]

WritingDancing | with Artists

Guy Dartnell, Miguel Pereira and Rosalind Crisp: extracts from collected writings in skript in collaboration with Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow Choreographic Practices Journal 5.1, 2014 Guy Dartnell, Miguel Pereira and Rosalind Crisp presented [...]

Closer to the Body | Reflections on Skript

For Full Article: Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow Choreographic Practices Journal, 5.1, 2014 (external link) Abstract Through this essay, Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon, reflect upon the experience of writing-dancing with audiences and [...]

Skript | A Micro Installation

Skript is an interactive micro-installation presented by Choreographic Lab (Directors Jane Bacon and Vida Midgelow) Come sit and take a moment to share your experiences of dance and dancing. Through one-to-one interactions [...]